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Neural Network

Essential NLP Tools, Code, and Tips

“In a previous article, we introduced the influential impact of natural language processing (NLP) in different industries and explained the way this discipline is reshaping

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Machine Learning

5 Powerful Scikit-Learn Models

“Below are 5 models. For each model we observe the model’s prediction that an Iris is/isn’t a Virginica. We then perform classification. It’s fascinating to

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Smart Working

See my selection of portable lighting for your videoconferences and online meetings. 

I love science, technology, robots, computers and all related activities as DL, AI, Blockchain, Cloud Programming and so on, I also love drones, photography, cooking…
The purpose of this site is personal, is a collection of articles I have read and like to keep as a sort of custom bookmark about stuff am passioned about. You are free to read, like and share as you please.

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